Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Biden and Trump Expected to Secure Presidential Nominations in Primary Contests

In the upcoming round of state primary contests on Tuesday, both President Biden and former President Donald Trump are poised to secure their parties’ nominations for president.

Last week, Trump’s dominance in the Republican race became evident as he swept 14 out of 15 states on Super Tuesday, effectively eliminating Nikki Haley from contention.

As the sole competitive candidate remaining in the Republican race, Trump is anticipated to further solidify his position as he faces contests in Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi, and Washington. With 161 delegates up for grabs, Trump is expected to secure most, if not all, of them, adding to his current tally of 1,075 delegates. He needs a total of 1,215 delegates to secure the majority, a goal well within reach if he performs strongly on Tuesday.

On the Democratic side, President Biden will also be on the ballot, vying for 254 delegates across five contests. These include primaries in Georgia, Mississippi, and Washington, as well as contests in the Northern Mariana Islands and among Democrats Abroad.

Author Marianne Williamson and Democrat Jason Palmer are also in the race, competing in various contests. Despite some dissent shown by Democratic voters in certain states, Biden maintains a significant lead with 1,866 delegates already secured. With only 102 delegates needed to reach the majority threshold of 1,968, Biden is poised to comfortably surpass this target on Tuesday.

The delegate process remains crucial in determining each party’s nominee, adhering to the rule that the candidate with the most delegates secures the nomination. While historically the nomination was decided by party insiders, the current system emphasizes appealing to party activists and primary voters.

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