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Mississauga Cannabis Market Expands: Over 40 Stores Open in First Year After Legalization

One year after legalizing cannabis stores, Mississauga has seen a notable increase in the number of cannabis shops, with over 40 now authorized to operate. This development comes after the city council voted to lift a longstanding ban, leading to a surge in applications for cannabis retail outlets.

Initially, the City of Mississauga, alongside other communities like Oakville, Markham, Whitby, and Vaughan, had opted out of allowing cannabis stores due to concerns about zoning and proximity to schools. However, the persistence of illegal shops and the difficulty in shutting them down influenced the decision to reconsider the ban.

In April last year, the Mississauga council, with new members on board, voted 8-4 in favor of allowing cannabis shops, overturning the previous restriction. Following this decision, applications for opening cannabis stores in Mississauga started flooding in. The first to open was Pop’s Cannabis at Clarkson Crossing Mall in May 2023.

As of now, there are 42 approved cannabis shops in Mississauga, and 11 more are expected to open, showing a significant expansion in the local cannabis market. These shops are distributed across various areas in Mississauga, including Streetsville, Churchill Meadows, Erin Mills, Clarkson, Erindale, Creditview, East Credit, Hurontario, Cooksville, Port Credit, Lakeview, Dixie, Applewood, Rathwood, and Malton, indicating a widespread acceptance and integration of cannabis retail within the city.

This growth reflects a changing perspective on cannabis and its retail, signaling a shift towards a more regulated and accessible market for consumers in Mississauga and potentially setting a trend for other municipalities that were initially hesitant to embrace legal cannabis retail.

These are all the cannabis shops approved or pending approval in Mississauga as of April 10:

Streetsville area

  • Cantopia Cannabis Co., 6400 MILLCREEK DR. UNIT 14
  • Pop’s Cannabis Co., 3221 DERRY RD. W. UNIT 10,
  • Holland Daze, 6415 ERIN MILLS PKY. UNIT B5 (in progress)
  • Dope Cannabis, 45 QUEEN ST. N. (in progress)
  • Crown Leaf Queen St, 128 QUEEN ST S SUITE 13 (in progress)

Churchill Meadows

  • Fika Local Cannabis, 2955 HAZELTON PL. UNIT 29
  • Canna Cabana, 2901 EGLINTON AVE. W. UNIT 6
  • Sativa Bliss Cannabis Boutique, 3460 PLATINUM DR. UNIT 23
  • Moonwlkr Cannabis, 3515 ODYSSEY DR. SUITE 57

Erin Mills area

  • Spot420 The Cannabis Store, 2180 CREDIT VALLEY RD. UNIT 102
  • The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co., 3476 GLEN ERIN DR. UNIT 7
  • Sacred Grass, 3405 SOUTH MILLWAY UNIT 4,
  • Wow World of Weed Inc., 1900 DUNDAS ST. W. UNIT B29A,
  • We’d Cannabis, 2400 DUNDAS ST. W. UNIT 14, (in progress)
  • Pop’s Cannabis Co., 2136 BURNHAMTHORPE RD W UNIT E1, (public notice stage)

Clarkson area

  • Flowertown Cannabis, 2425 TRUSCOTT DR. SUITE 6
  • Buzzed Buds, 1375 SOUTHDOWN RD. UNIT 6
  • Pop’s Cannabis Co., 960 SOUTHDOWN RD. SUITE C7


  • Budders, 1212 DUNDAS ST. W. UNIT D (public notice stage)

Creditview area

  • Paramount Cannabis Co., 4040 CREDITVIEW RD. UNIT 20
  • The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co., 4036 CONFEDERATION PKY.

East Credit area

  • Canna Cabana, 5700 MAVIS RD. UNIT 5
  • The Woods Cannabis, 660 EGLINTON AVE. W. UNIT 7


  • The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co., 5035 HURONTARIO ST. UNIT 8
  • Hibuzz Cannabis, 30 EGLINTON AVE. W. UNIT 17
  • Sauga Cannabis, 295 EGLINTON AVE. E. UNIT 13 (in progress)

Cooksville area

  • Crown Leaf, 3355 HURONTARIO ST. SUITE 6A
  • Cannabis City, 55 DUNDAS ST. E., UNIT 5 an 6,
  • Runway Pot, 2567 HURONTARIO ST.
  • The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co., 2500 HURONTARIO ST. UNIT 14
  • Canna Cabana, 2090 HURONTARIO ST. UNIT 4, (in progress)

Port Credit and Lakeview area

  • Soma Leaf Co., 280 LAKESHORE RD. W. UNIT 101
  • Cannabis Hut, 6 HELENE ST. N.
  • The Farmhouse Cannabis Co., 279 LAKESHORE RD. E.
  • Above The Clouds Cannabis, 553 LAKESHORE RD. E.
  • Wow World of Weed, 983 LAKESHORE RD E.
  • Cannabis Estates, 618 LAKESHORE RD. E. (in progress)
  • Kindling Cannabis Port Credit, 251 LAKESHORE RD. E. (in progress)

Dixie and Applewood area

  • Star Cannabis, 589 NORTH SERVICE RD. UNIT 1A
  • Purple Tree Cannabis, 1077 NORTH SERVICE RD. UNIT 12
  • Ganjika House Cannabis Store, 801 DUNDAS ST. E. UNIT D1-D2
  • Silverleaf Cannabis, 628-630 BLOOR ST.
  • True North Cannabis Co., 1370 DUNDAS ST. E. SUITE 7,
  • One Plant, 1482 DUNDAS ST. E. UNIT 1-2
  • Pop’s Cannabis Co., 1125 BLOOR ST. E. SUITE 13
  • The Hunny Pot Cannabis Co., 980 BURNHAMTHORPE RD E
  • Canna Cabana, 925 RATHBURN RD. E UNIT B4A
  • Canna Cabana, 4141 DIXIE RD. UNIT PH2-2

Rathwood area

  • Canna Cabana, 1891 RATHBURN RD. E UNIT 7B,
  • Potherb Cannabis, 2800 SKYMARK AVE. UNIT 12

Malton area

  • A Friend in Weed, 3437 DERRY RD. E. UNIT 2
  • Dope Cannabis, 7454 AIRPORT RD. UNIT I (in progress)

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