Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Former Conservative MP Kenny Chiu Reveals Feeling Abandoned Amid Alleged Chinese Election Misinformation

Former Conservative MP Kenny Chiu expressed feeling abandoned by the federal government amidst a deluge of alleged Chinese election interference that ultimately cost him his seat in the 2021 election. Testifying at the Public Inquiry into Foreign Interference, Chiu recounted how he grappled with being labelled as “anti-Chinese” during the campaign, leading Chinese-Canadian voters in his riding to turn against him out of fear.

“I thought I would be protected by my country,” Chiu stated. “And I was deeply troubled and disappointed that I was exposed, and the government didn’t seem to care. And now that, through the commission, I’ve learned that they’ve known all about it.”

Chiu highlighted instances of misinformation spreading on Chinese-language social media platforms, tarnishing his reputation and inciting fear among voters. Despite efforts to correct the narrative, he faced significant challenges, including being ignored by Chinese-language media outlets and ostracized by his own constituents.

The former MP’s ordeal sheds light on broader concerns of foreign interference in Canadian elections. Other elected officials, including NDP MP Jenny Kwan and Conservative MP Michael Chong, shared similar experiences of facing intimidation and misinformation campaigns. Former Conservative leader Erin O’Toole also testified, suggesting that Chinese foreign interference may have influenced election outcomes in multiple ridings.

O’Toole emphasized the need for a more proactive approach to counter disinformation, regretting the party’s lack of response during the campaign. He called for greater transparency and vigilance in addressing threats to electoral integrity, underscoring the importance of safeguarding democratic processes against foreign interference. ( Courtesy National Post)

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