Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Mississauga’s New Tennis and Pickleball Facility, Costing $4.3 Million, Set to Open This Year

Mississauga is gearing up to welcome a brand-new tennis and pickleball facility by the end of this year, offering players an exciting new venue for their favorite sports. The construction of the $4.3-million facility, located at the Churchill Meadows Community Centre and Mattamy Sports Park, is currently underway. The facility, which includes six courts and an air dome for year-round play, is a collaborative effort between the city, Premier Racquet Clubs, Tennis Canada, and Rogers Communications.

Once completed, the six-court facility aims to provide an additional 400 court hours per week during the winter season, catering to the growing demand for indoor sports facilities in Mississauga. Moreover, the facility is expected to host various provincial, national, and international events, further enhancing its significance within the community.

Despite initial plans projecting completion by fall 2023, the facility’s opening has been delayed, with the city attributing the setback to various factors such as contract negotiations and planning processes. However, residents and sports enthusiasts can look forward to enjoying this state-of-the-art facility later this year.

The $4.3-million project is a joint venture between Premier Racquet Clubs and the city, with Premier contributing $2.65 million and the city $1.66 million. Premier will also be responsible for paying rent, including taxes and utilities, for the facility under a 20-year lease term, with the option to renew.

This new facility follows the success of a similar air-dome facility opened by Premier Racquet Clubs in Markham in 2022. Tennis memberships at the Markham facility range from $389 for residents aged 25 and older to $428.50 for non-residents, while seasonal pickleball memberships are available for $120.

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