Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Accused in Salman Khan House Firing Case Dies in Custody, Family Claims Foul Play


The death of Anuj Thapan, an accused in the shooting incident outside Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s residence, has sparked controversy and an investigation by Mumbai’s Crime Investigation Department (CID). Thapan, who was arrested last week for allegedly supplying weapons used in the attack, was found dead in his lock-up under mysterious circumstances.

Senior Mumbai Police officials reported that Thapan died by apparent suicide in the crime branch lock-up near police headquarters. He was discovered hanging in the bathroom with a bedsheet around 11 am yesterday. Despite immediate medical attention, Thapan was declared dead at the hospital.

A case of accidental death has been registered, and CID is tasked with investigating the incident, including any potential negligence by the police. Surveillance footage from the area is under review to ascertain the sequence of events leading to Thapan’s death. An autopsy is scheduled to be conducted at JJ Hospital today.

Inmates have noted that Thapan appeared anxious about his case and was fearful he wouldn’t receive bail. Thapan and another suspect, Sonu Kumar Bishnoi, were arrested in Punjab for their alleged roles in providing arms to the shooters, identified as Sagar Pal and Vicky Gupta.

The incident has taken a controversial turn as Thapan’s family has vehemently alleged murder. His brother, Abhishek, expressed to ANI, “We were informed of his suicide, but Anuj wasn’t someone who would take his own life. He has been murdered, and we demand justice.” The family’s lawyer, Amit Mishra, highlighted the seriousness of the situation to NDTV, pointing out that all four accused had previously expressed concerns over their safety in custody. “This death raises significant questions about the functioning of the police,” Mishra stated.

The case continues to draw intense scrutiny, not only because of its connection to a high-profile figure like Salman Khan but also due to the serious implications of custodial death. The Mumbai Police are facing increased pressure to provide transparent and conclusive answers regarding the circumstances of Thapan’s death.

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