Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Urgent Recall Notice: Popular Chips Brands in Ontario

In a proactive measure to ensure consumer safety, Frito Lay Canada has initiated a voluntary recall of two of its popular snack products, SunChips Harvest Cheddar Flavour Multigrain Snacks and Munchies Original Snack Mix, due to a potential contamination issue. The recall was announced on May 13, following notification from a seasoning supplier about a possible salmonella contamination in an ingredient provided by a third party.

Although subsequent tests did not detect salmonella in the seasoning used, Frito Lay Canada has opted for the recall out of an abundance of caution to prevent any potential health risks to consumers. Salmonella is known to cause symptoms such as diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps, and can lead to severe illness, particularly in the elderly, infants, and those with weakened immune systems.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is collaborating with Frito Lay Canada to ensure the removal of the affected products from the market. The recall specifically targets products with certain “Guaranteed Fresh” dates, with no other flavours of SunChips affected.

Consumers are advised to check their homes for the products listed below and safely dispose of them if they match the specified best-before dates:

  • SunChips Harvest Cheddar Multigrain Snacks (All sizes, various UPCs, best before dates from 2024 JL 16 through 2024 AU 13)
  • Munchies Original Snack Mix (All sizes, various UPCs, best before dates from 2024 JL 16 through 2024 AU 13)
  • Products included in Frito-Lay Variety Packs Cheesy Mix

For further assistance or more information, customers can contact Frito Lay Canada Consumer Relations at 1-877-682-8071 during business hours (9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. CDT, Monday to Friday) or visit the dedicated recall website at

This recall reflects Frito Lay Canada’s commitment to maintaining high safety standards and addressing any potential health concerns swiftly.

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