Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Maninder Sidhu MP – Brampton East Highlights Supply Chain Innovations at Ashcroft Terminal in BC”

MP Maninder Sidhu recently visited British Columbia’s largest inland terminal, Ashcroft Terminal, to observe the innovative approaches being implemented to alleviate traffic at major ports and enhance Canada’s supply chain. This terminal is a key player in ensuring that Canadian-made goods reach new markets in the Indo-Pacific region.

With over 50 trains passing through the site daily, Ashcroft Terminal’s strategic location at the crossroads of major transportation networks in Western Canada makes it a crucial hub for the export and import of goods. The terminal’s recent expansion, completed with a joint investment of CA$7.15 million from the Canadian government and Ashcroft Terminal, has significantly enhanced its capacity to handle a variety of materials and products, including those from the manufacturing, industrial, mining, and agricultural sectors.

During his visit, MP Sidhu emphasized the importance of such infrastructure in strengthening Canada’s economy and creating good-paying jobs. “Our supply chains are vital for getting Canadian-made goods to new markets, growing our economy, and creating jobs across the country,” said Sidhu. He also highlighted that many of the trains from Ashcroft Terminal ultimately reach the CN terminal in Brampton East, showcasing the terminal’s integral role in national and international trade.

The improvements at Ashcroft Terminal, including additional railcar storage, transload facilities, and support tracks, are designed to enhance the flow of goods by rail, reduce congestion, and provide safer and more efficient services to local producers and shippers. These advancements are expected to foster stronger shipping ties between British Columbia’s natural resource sector and the Asia-Pacific region, contributing to a more resilient and diversified economy

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