Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Brampton Enforces Strict Fireworks Ban for Victoria Day Weekend

As Victoria Day approaches, the City of Brampton is enforcing a strict ban on personal fireworks. This marks the first Victoria Day since the ban was implemented in November 2022. Residents caught using fireworks could face significant fines.

City council decided on the ban following numerous complaints during last year’s Diwali celebrations. Previously, fireworks were permitted on Victoria Day, Diwali, Canada Day, and New Year’s Eve, but now only city-organized events and the film industry are allowed to use fireworks under strict regulations.

The fines for violating the fireworks bylaw are substantial:

  • Discharging fireworks without a permit: $500
  • Selling or distributing fireworks: $1,000
  • Failure to comply with the ban: up to $100,000

In 2022, Brampton issued $38,500 in fines and responded to 20 fireworks-related fires, costing taxpayers around $20,000​. For more information on the ban and fines, visit the official City of Brampton website.

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