Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Widespread Bomb Threats Disrupt Over 100 Schools in Delhi Region

In a major security scare, over 100 schools across Delhi and its satellite cities, including Noida and Greater Noida, were evacuated on Wednesday following bomb threats received via email. The threats caused significant alarm among authorities, students, and parents, leading to school closures and extensive searches by bomb squads and police.

The Delhi Public School in Dwarka was among the institutions targeted. The emails contained alarming messages that threatened explosions and harm, prompting immediate action by security forces. Despite the severity of the threats, Delhi Police confirmed that the searches yielded no explosives and assessed the primary motive behind the emails was to incite panic.

Officials traced the source of the emails to a Russian IP address, and investigations are ongoing with a special team assigned to the case. In response to the incident, the Ministry of Home Affairs reassured the public through a statement on social media platform X, advising that the threats appeared to be hoaxes and that there was no immediate danger.

The disruption led to scenes of chaos as worried parents hurried to schools to collect their children. One parent described the tense atmosphere, emphasizing the widespread concern before it was confirmed that other schools had received similar threats.

Such incidents are not new to Indian schools, which have previously been the targets of hoax threats, often linked to students attempting to avoid exams or expressing discontent. The authorities continue to urge calm and vigilance as they work to ensure the safety of all students and staff involved.

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