Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Trump Found Guilty on All Counts in New York Criminal Trial

In a landmark decision, former President Donald Trump has been found guilty on all counts in a high-profile New York criminal trial. The charges stem from investigations into his business practices and financial dealings. This verdict marks a significant chapter in the ongoing legal battles faced by Trump.

Trump, known for his defiant stance, responded to the verdict by vowing to “fight till the end” and declared that “this is long from over.” His legal team is expected to file appeals, continuing the legal wrangling that has surrounded the former president for years.

The trial focused on allegations of financial fraud, including falsifying business records, tax evasion, and other related charges. The prosecution argued that Trump and his organization engaged in a deliberate scheme to mislead authorities and avoid financial obligations.

This verdict adds to the complex legal landscape for Trump, who has faced multiple investigations and lawsuits both during and after his presidency. His conviction could have significant implications for his political future and business empire. ( This is developing story)

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