Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Small Town Store Owners Hit Jackpot with $640,000 Seller’s Prize from $64 Million Lottery Ticket

A family-run convenience store in Pokemouche, New Brunswick, is celebrating a monumental windfall after selling a lottery ticket that clinched a $64 million Lotto 6/49 Gold Ball jackpot. The store’s owner, Chantal Mazerolle, and her daughter are now $640,000 richer thanks to the 1% seller’s prize.

The jackpot, which is the largest ever won in the region, was secured by local resident Merel Chiasson who purchased the winning ticket from Depanneur Pokemouche. The winning moment came just 19 days before the ticket was set to expire, following months of public appeals by the Atlantic Lottery to claim the giant prize.

Chantal Mazerolle initially misunderstood her daughter’s message about the win, thinking it was for $64,000. “When she clarified it was actually the $64 million jackpot, I was overwhelmed with emotion,” Mazerolle recounted. The substantial seller’s bonus has brought not only financial relief but also joy and plans for the future.

The Atlantic Lottery highlighted the broader impact of such wins. “It’s fulfilling to see how major wins not only change the lives of the winners but also benefit those involved in the sale,” expressed Molly Cormier, director of brand and communications at Atlantic Lottery.

Mazerolle plans to use the money to ensure the longevity of her business and to facilitate a comfortable retirement. “This prize is not just a win for me but for my family and our community. It secures the future of our store and supports my plans to pass on a thriving business to my daughter,” she added.

This remarkable story underscores the unexpected joys and community benefits stemming from lottery wins, celebrating both the winners and those who sell the tickets.

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