Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

PM Narendra Modi Claims Divine Purpose as India Elections Near Completion

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stated that he believes he has been chosen by God for a specific purpose, as the multi-stage Indian election approaches its final phase.

In an interview with NDTV on Sunday, Modi said, “I am convinced that ‘Parmatma’ (God) sent me for a purpose. Once the purpose is achieved, my work will be done. This is why I have completely dedicated myself to God.” He added that while he feels guided by a divine force, the larger plan remains undisclosed. “He does not reveal his cards, just keeps making me do things. And I cannot dial him directly to ask what’s next,” Modi said.

Modi, who is seeking a third term with the results of the general election set to be announced on June 4, has cultivated a strong personal following within his Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). His comments reflect the BJP’s strategy of intertwining religion and politics, a tactic that has bolstered his support base.

The BJP has been active in promoting Hinduism in public life, as evidenced by Modi’s prominent role in religious ceremonies, such as the inauguration of the temple in Ayodhya in January. This interview marks a rare moment of personal revelation from Modi, who seldom gives interviews and has not held a press conference during his ten years in office.

The Indian newspaper The Telegraph described Modi’s remarks as the logical extension of the BJP’s dominant theme of merging religion with politics. Earlier this month, Modi made another reference to divinity, stating in an interview in Varanasi, his constituency, that his extraordinary energy must be attributed to divine inspiration following his mother’s death.

Opposition leaders, including Congress Party’s Rahul Gandhi, have criticized Modi’s statements. Gandhi remarked, “If an ordinary person had made the statements Modi has been making recently, they would be taken directly to a psychiatrist.”

In response to questions about whether Modi has a “God complex,” BJP spokesperson Sanju Verma defended his vigor and dedication. “In a day, he packs in a couple of road shows, a couple of rallies, travels to three different states, and when he returns to Delhi in the evening, he gives full interviews to the media. He is bestowed with boundless energy,” said Verma.

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