Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Jean Augustine Secondary School Celebrates Second Annual Eid Event with Community and Festivities : “It was such a wonderful display and celebration” Says Rowena Santos Regional Councilor

Jean Augustine Secondary School proudly celebrated the end of Ramadan with a splendid display of culture and community at their second annual Eid event. Organized by Ms. Wehliye, Principal Alderton, the student council, and the staff, the event was graced by the presence of Rowena Santos, Regional Councilor for Ward 1 & 5 in Brampton, who joined students, staff, and families for an evening filled with joy and unity.

The event was a wonderful showcase of the diverse talents within the school, with numerous activities and stalls run by students and staff. Culinary delights prepared by the renowned chef, Royce Li, were a major highlight, receiving high praise from attendees for their delicious flavors.

Guests were also treated to a variety of treats offered by young entrepreneurs, demonstrating the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the students. Additionally, an art auction featured beautiful pieces by the talented student artist @its.wardah_, drawing considerable interest and bids, including from Councilor Santos herself.

Councilor Santos expressed her enjoyment of the event and her appreciation for the invitation to participate in such a meaningful celebration. On social media, she noted, “It was such a wonderful display and celebration. The food was delish as always @royce_li. I also tried many delish treats from young entrepreneurs and even bid on beautiful art by @its.wardah_ which I hope I will maybe be blessed to hang in my room. #EidMubarak and thank you for always inviting me to your celebrations 🙏🏼.”

The success of the event is attributed to the collaborative efforts of the entire school community, with special thanks extended to all who participated and contributed, including the supportive presence of local dignitaries like Councilor Santos. This event not only celebrated the festive occasion but also reinforced the school’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and vibrant community culture.

Jean Augustine Secondary School looks forward to continuing this beautiful tradition next year and hopes to welcome even more members of the community to join in the celebrations.

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