Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Councilor Rowena Santos and Nelson St West Neighborhood Association Lead Cleanup of Future Trail

In a remarkable display of community spirit, members of the Nelson St West Neighbourhood Association, joined by Regional Councillor Rowena Santos, dedicated their Sunday morning to cleaning up the old Orangeville Railway, soon to be transformed into a vibrant multi-use trail. The cleanup event, which took place under clear skies, resulted in the collection of 45 heavy-duty bags of trash, including an overwhelming 252 bags of discarded dog poop.

Councillor Santos praised the initiative, stating, “Today’s cleanup effort is a perfect example of how local communities can directly contribute to the beauty and sustainability of our environment. Such actions are essential for making Brampton a better place to live.” She emphasized the importance of cleanliness and environmental consciousness, adding, “Keeping our city clean is not just about aesthetics; it’s about community health and pride.”

The effort was spearheaded by local residents Barb, Suzanne, Jona, Andrew, Kevin, Natasha, and supported by dozens of community members. Their hard work paid off just before the morning rain, restoring the area to its natural cleanliness. The volunteers not only cleaned but also shared thoughts on the immediate and future enhancements planned for the area, strengthening community ties and commitment to local improvements.

Santos further highlighted the role of neighborhood associations in Brampton, saying, “Organizations like the Nelson St West Neighbourhood Association are vital in fostering community involvement and civic pride. They are the backbone of our efforts to enhance public spaces across the city.”

While the community’s effort to clean up was a huge success, the discovery of 252 bags of dog poop has raised concerns about pet waste management in the area. Participants and organizers alike are calling for pet owners to be more conscientious and dispose of their pet’s waste properly to maintain the cleanliness and usability of the future trail.

The cleanup initiative highlights the community’s dedication to environmental stewardship and its proactive approach to transforming the neglected railway line into a useful and enjoyable space for all. The volunteers’ efforts were captured in striking before and after photographs that showcase the dramatic transformation achieved in just a few hours.

The Nelson St West Neighbourhood Association expressed profound gratitude to all the volunteers who participated, emphasizing the power of community collaboration in making significant local improvements. Their successful cleanup not only beautified the area but also set a positive example for other communities to follow.

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