Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Canada May Miss Reduced Study Permit Target Amid Declining Approvals

Canada’s approval rate for new study permits has fallen significantly, risking the country’s ability to meet its reduced 2024 target. The decline, driven by policy changes and a sharp drop in Indian student applications, has seen approval rates fall to 50%.

Between January and April, over 152,000 permits were processed, with only 76,000 approved. New requirements, such as provincial attestation letters and increased proof-of-finances, have contributed to this decline. Processing times have also increased, causing backlogs.

ApplyBoard CEO Meti Basiri warns that without dramatic changes, Canada will likely miss its target by 10-15%. The economic impact could be severe, as international students contributed $30.9 billion to Canada’s GDP in 2022. Changes to post-graduation work permit rules are being considered to better align with labor market needs, but concerns for 2025 enrolment remain high.

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