Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Toronto Rental Market Hits New Low with $950 Tent Listing in Parkdale Apartment

Toronto’s already exorbitant rental market has found a new frontier of incredulity, as desperate landlords convert unconventional spaces into profit-making “living areas.” Among the latest of such eyebrow-raising offers is a tent, yes, a tent, available for rent at $950 per month in a Parkdale apartment’s living room.

Described in a Facebook Marketplace ad as a “fresh and amazing new offer,” the tent is pitched as an exclusive living arrangement in an extra-large living room, purportedly offering privacy from other roommates. The listing boasts a strong, king-size tent complete with sleeping bags. Despite its unique setup, the landlord requires prospective tenants to commit to a one-year lease, undergo credit and background checks, provide two references, and pay first and last month’s rent upfront.

The ad targets students or singles, describing the other roommates as “hard-working, clean, quiet, social professionals and students.” This peculiar rental proposal, while highlighting the creativity of some landlords in maximizing their income, also underscores the dire state of affordability in the city.

The listing has sparked a flurry of reactions on social media, with many questioning its legitimacy and others urging for such ads to be reported. “People like this should be charged,” commented one user under an Instagram post about the listing.

As Toronto’s average rent for a one-bedroom apartment now exceeds $2,400, such bizarre listings are becoming increasingly commonplace, reflecting the extreme measures tenants and landlords are taking in the city’s tight housing market.

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