Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Stay Cool and Safe: Brampton Implements Heat Relief Measures Amidst Heat Warning

In response to the current Heat Warning in effect for Peel Region, the City of Brampton has announced several measures to help residents stay cool and safe.

Rowena Santos, Regional Councillor, Wards 1 & 5; Chair, Community Services mentioned that “during this Heat Warning, the City of Brampton is committed to keeping residents safe and cool. We offer accessible heat relief locations in all public buildings, including City Hall, recreation centres, and libraries. We encourage everyone to stay hydrated, avoid the sun, and prioritize indoor, air-conditioned spaces. Remember to check on vulnerable friends and family, keep pets cool, and stay vigilant around water. Together, we can beat the heat. Stay safe, Brampton!”

Heat Relief Locations:
Public buildings, including City Hall, recreation centres, and libraries, are open during regular business hours for heat relief.

Splash Pads and Wading Pools:
Open daily from 9 am to 9 pm, weather permitting. Visit the city’s website for locations and status updates.

Safety Recommendations:
Residents are advised to limit outdoor activities, stay out of the sun, drink plenty of water, and remain in air-conditioned or shaded areas.

Vulnerable Individuals:
Seniors and young children are at higher risk. Please check on friends and family who may be vulnerable.

Keep pets indoors, take short walks during cooler times, and ensure they have plenty of fresh water and shade. Never leave pets or children unattended in vehicles.

Water Safety:
Supervise children around water, never swim alone, secure backyard pools, and use life jackets for young children. Choose lifeguard-supervised areas for swimming and ensure family members learn lifesaving skills.

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