Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Shafqat Ali Member Parliament Advocates for Peace Through Sport on International Day for Development and Peace

As the world commemorates the 2024 International Day for Development and Peace on April 6, under the motto “Make a gesture for peace,” prominent figures like Shafqat Ali, Member of Parliament for Brampton Centre, are emphasizing the critical role of sport in promoting harmony and unity globally.

With geopolitical instability reaching unprecedented levels, Champions for Peace, a collective of 110 top athletes advocating for peace through sport, are leveraging their platform through the #WhiteCard campaign to champion more peaceful and inclusive societies.

Shafqat Ali remarked, “This day presents an opportunity to recognize the positive role sport and physical activity play in communities and in people‚Äôs lives across the globe.” He urged communities to celebrate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace by fostering harmony and unity both locally and internationally.

Highlighting the importance of the Sport for Development and Peace movement, Ali emphasized the need for communities to become well-versed in its principles to work towards sustainable and equitable economies for all through sport.

In conjunction with the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, Peace and Sport organizes a consultation with Champions for Peace and a thematic event co-organized with UNESCO. These initiatives aim to delve into the role of athletes as advocates for peacebuilding, addressing their expectations and the challenges they face in promoting inclusive and peaceful societies.

As the world navigates through tumultuous times, voices like Shafqat Ali’s stand as beacons of hope, advocating for peace, unity, and inclusivity through the unifying power of sport.

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