Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Scammers Exploit Photo Radar in Brampton with Text Message Scam

Residents of Brampton are being warned about a new scam involving fraudulent text messages claiming to be from the city regarding speeding violations captured by photo radar cameras.

The City of Brampton issued an alert after receiving reports from residents who received text messages alleging speeding infractions. However, the city clarified that it never communicates fines via text messages and solely relies on mail sent to the registered address of the vehicle.

The scam text prompts recipients to click on a link, purportedly to address the alleged violation. However, authorities caution against clicking on any links in these messages, as they could lead to fraudulent activities.

Peel Regional Police have not disclosed the number of individuals affected by the scam or when the incidents were first reported. However, they urge anyone who receives such fraudulent texts to report them in person at their nearest police station, as fraud reports are not accepted over the phone.

This scam highlights the importance of remaining vigilant against fraudulent activities, especially in the realm of digital communication. Residents are advised to verify the authenticity of any communication from official sources and refrain from sharing personal information or clicking on suspicious links.

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