Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

From Rainy Day to Community Pride: Bill Godfrey Celebrates Lakeland Village Park Transformation

Despite the rain, our neighborhood came together for a clean-up operation at Lakeland Village Park. The event, organized on May 25, 2024 by Bill Godfrey, President of People Against Littering (PAL), saw enthusiastic participation from around 70 men, women, and children. Their efforts created a strong sense of belonging and ownership of our community spaces.

Bill Godfrey, President of PAL, expressed his pride in the community’s efforts. “We are so proud of our community for braving the weather to keep our park clean and beautiful. This kind of dedication truly makes a difference,” said Godfrey. “Seeing people of all ages come together to contribute is heartwarming and reinforces the importance of community spirit.”

The volunteers focused on cleaning various areas, including the lake, sidewalks, bushes, and surrounding streets. They collected garbage and waste, significantly improving the park’s appearance and environment.

Regional Councillor Rowena Santos praised the event’s success and the community’s spirit. “Seeing everyone come together today, even in the rain, shows how much we care about our community. It’s inspiring to witness such commitment to maintaining our local spaces,” Santos stated. “The participation of children is especially important, as it instills a sense of environmental responsibility and pride from a young age.”

Paul Vincente, also a Regional Councillor, echoed these sentiments. “This event is a testament to our collective commitment to maintaining our local spaces. It’s wonderful to see the unity and hard work displayed by everyone here today,” said Vincente. “The involvement of the entire community not only helps keep our parks clean but also strengthens the bonds between neighbors, fostering a greater sense of community.”

A special shoutout goes to the members of the Flower City Friends Club Neighborhood Association for their significant participation. Gian Paul, Chairperson of the Association and co-host of the Lakeland Village Park Clean-Up event, commented, “Our members are always eager to contribute to community initiatives like this. It’s great to see such a strong turnout. The dedication and community spirit shown today are truly commendable.” Paul added, “These events are crucial in creating awareness and a sense of belonging and ownership among residents. It’s not just about cleaning up; it’s about taking pride in our neighborhood and city.”

About People Against Littering (PAL): People Against Littering (PAL) is a community organization dedicated to maintaining clean and beautiful public spaces. Through regular clean-up events and awareness campaigns, PAL strives to foster a sense of responsibility and pride in our environment among local residents.

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