Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Brampton Centre Women’s Council and MP Shafqat Ali Champion Mother’s Day Celebration Highlighting Diversity and Women’s Empowerment

In a grand display of community spirit and appreciation, the Brampton Centre Women’s Council, together with Mr. Shafqat Ali, MP for Brampton West, orchestrated a memorable Mother’s Day event at the Terry Miller Recreation Centre. This celebration gathered over 150 women from a variety of communities, groups, and organizations to honor the spirit of motherhood and the formidable strength of women in our society.

The event, which took place on May 4, highlighted the cultural diversity and unity within Brampton, mirroring the broader theme of women’s empowerment and the vital role mothers play in our lives. During his heartfelt speech, Mr. Ali shared personal reflections about the significance of Mother’s Day. “Mother’s Day is a very personal celebration for me. It’s a day filled with love and remembrance for the incredible role my mother played in my life,” Mr. Ali remarked. He continued, “These celebrations remind us of the universal bond of motherhood that connects us all, transcending any barriers that might otherwise divide us.”

Attendees of the event enjoyed a range of fun activities and delectable food, creating an atmosphere of joy and festivity. The event was notably enriched by the significant participation of the Flower City Friends Club, with over 20 members in attendance. Jatinder Paul, spokesperson of the club, expressed her gratitude for the inclusive nature of the event. “We are deeply thankful to Mr. Ali’s office for including us in such a meaningful celebration. It’s a wonderful acknowledgment of the pivotal role women play in nurturing community ties,” she stated. Jatinder also added, “This event not only celebrates mothers but also highlights the incredible unity and strength among the women in our community. It’s an honor to be part of such an empowering occasion.”

In reflecting on the day’s success, Mr. Ali extended his thanks to all who participated and contributed to the event’s success. “I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to celebrate this special day with such a dynamic group of women. Your presence and energy today reaffirm my commitment to continue supporting and empowering women across all walks of life,” Mr. Ali said. He emphasized the importance of these events in strengthening community bonds and advancing the cause of gender equality.

The Mother’s Day celebration provided a platform not just for festivities, but also for reinforcing the commitment of Mr. Ali’s office to foster support and empower women throughout the community.

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