Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Biden Threatens to Withhold Military Aid if Israel Invades Rafah Amid Growing Civilian Concerns”

President Joe Biden has indicated that the U.S. might condition future military aid to Israel if it proceeds with a large-scale invasion of Rafah in the Gaza Strip. This represents one of the strongest warnings yet from the Biden administration against such a military operation due to concerns about the potential for high civilian casualties and the worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza​.

The situation in Rafah is particularly dire, with the city’s population having ballooned due to the influx of displaced persons from other parts of Gaza. This has led to international calls for restraint, including from the U.S., which has stressed the need for a credible plan to protect civilians should an invasion occur​ ​. The U.S. has already delayed a shipment of bombs to Israel, highlighting the seriousness of the administration’s concerns​ .

Despite these warnings, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has remained steadfast in his intention to conduct military operations in Rafah, framing it as a necessary response to Hamas’s actions and dismissing international pressure for a ceasefire​. ​ The tension between the U.S. and Israel has been further strained by differing approaches to the ongoing conflict and Netanyahu’s broader policies, which have been a point of contention between the two nations​ .

Overall, the situation remains fluid with ongoing diplomatic efforts and military preparations. The U.S.’s stance reflects a balancing act of supporting Israel’s security while also pushing for the protection of Palestinian civilians and compliance with international humanitarian norms.

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